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Rules for Members


1. All persons using the facilities or premises of Ashford (Short Lane) Sports Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as A(SL)S) do so at their own risk. A(SLS) accepts no responsibility for any damage, injury or loss of property.


2. Membership of any leasehold club automatically confers membership of A(SL)S. Membership entitles you to use the bars at Short Lane and Woodthorpe Road Sports (WRS).

3. Membership of A(SL)S entitles the members to use the shared facilities at A(SL)S and at the other Ashford Sports Club Ltd site, e.g. bar and clubhouse but not the sporting facilities at WRS.

4. All persons using the shared facilities and premises shall be a member of A(SL)S or WRS. If not a member the person shall be signed into the Visitors Book by a member or be a member of a visiting team.

5. No person shall be admitted whether as full, honorary or social member to membership, or be admitted as a candidate for membership to any of the privileges of membership without an interval of at least two clear days between their nomination or application for membership and their admission.

6. Every member shall produce proof of membership whenever called upon to do so by any person authorised by The Board to make such a demand.

7. Subscriptions will be due on 1st April each year. Failure to pay your subscription by 1st May each year will mean that your membership will be rescinded and you will not be entitled to use the premises or the bar facilities. A new application to become a member of A(SL)S Ltd will have to be made.

8. Membership cards must be carried at all times when visiting the club premises and be produced when requested by a member of staff or a Director of A(SL)S or WRS.

9. It is a condition of membership that the applicant agrees and signs to the effect that they accept and agree to abide by these rules. Any abuse of these rules will mean automatic expulsion as a member of A(SL)S.

10. Applications to join A(SL)S shall be posted on the notice board for a period of 48 hours before being approved by the membership committee. The Board has the right to refuse membership.


11. A(SL)S shall at all times keep a Visitors Book on the premises and all persons other than full members shall on visiting the premises enter their name and address in the Visitors Book which shall be countersigned by the introducing member, who shall pay a fee of 50p in respect thereof, paid to the bar steward at the time, the fee shall be agreed annually by the board.

A visitor may be signed in no more than 3 times in any one calendar year.

12. Any member who signs in a visitor shall be responsible for the behaviour of the visitor.

13. A visitor shall leave the premises when the member who signed them into the Visitors Book leaves – unless another member takes responsibility for the visitor.


14. The supply of alcoholic liquor in A(SL)S premises shall be permitted during Club licensing hours and any approved extensions.

15. No alcoholic liquor shall be consumed by, or supplied to members or any other person on A(SL)S premises otherwise than those purchased from an A(SL)S bar.

16. The Board shall arrange the supply of alcoholic liquor by A(SL)S to members, and to other persons on A(SL)S premises and shall secure the due observance of the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 and all Acts relating thereto and of any condition attached to any licence held by or on behalf of A(SL)S prior to any registration certificate in respect of A(SL)S premises.

17. No person shall be paid at the expense of A(SL)S any commission, percentage or similar payment on or with reference to purchase of alcoholic liquor by A(SL)S, nor shall any person directly or indirectly derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply of alcoholic liquor by or on behalf of A(SL)S to members of visitors, apart from any benefit accruing to A(SL)S as a whole.

18. No alcoholic drinks shall be consumed or purchased by members under 18 years.

No alcoholic drinks shall be bought on behalf of members under 18 years.


19. Children under 14 years shall only be allowed in designated bar areas. Young children shall be controlled and supervised by their parents to acceptable levels of behaviour and noise.


20. No unauthorised gambling shall be allowed on the premises.


21. Dogs shall always be kept under control whilst on A(SL)S grounds. Dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the sporting areas (except for Guide Dogs).


22. No cycling, scooting, roller skating, roller blading, or similar shall be allowed in the clubhouse or on the playing surfaces, patios or footpaths. Cycling is only allowed on recognised roadways.


23. Health and safety signs shall be observed at all times. Any person found damaging signs shall be suspended immediately, followed by Disciplinary Committee action.


24. All vehicles shall be placed in the marked parking area and shall not be taken onto any part of the playing area or parked on any pavement. Disabled parking spaces shall be left for disabled drivers only.


25. Any accidents on the premises shall be reported to the bar steward and recorded in the Accident Book.


26. Ball games are not allowed to be played in the clubhouse, on the patios or in the car parks.


27. Shirts shall be worn at all times in the bar areas. Dress shall be appropriate for a Sports Club environment.


28. Members are expected, at all times, to behave with courtesy and due respect for the feelings of their fellow members and local residents. Their actions shall at all times comply with the laws of the land, and local legislation, eg licensing laws.

29. Any cases of misconduct while on the premises of A(SL)S will be dealt with by the Board of Directors Disciplinary Committee (hereinafter referred to as DC).

30. Any serious lapse in such behaviour shall be dealt with promptly and firmly. If the incident has occurred in a shared facility area of a A(SL)S or WRS site, it shall be dealt with by a Director or employee of A(SL)S or WRS. The Director or employee has the right to temporarily ban any member immediately until the DC has reached a decision. A copy of the report shall be given to the member(s) concerned before the case is given consideration by the DC, who shall then review all the evidence available. The member(s) concerned shall then be invited to a meeting of the DC to discuss the alleged incident(s).

The DC shall consist of members of the Board of A(SL)S.

The Chairperson shall be elected from these representatives at each session.

The initial meeting to deal with any offence shall be called by a Board member.

The findings and decision of the DC shall be final and binding.

The decision of the DC shall be final but member(s) shall have the right to appeal to the Board.

31. The Licensees and bar stewards in charge of the premises, have a legal duty not to permit drunken, violent, quarrelsome or disorderly conduct on the premises. Anyone acting in the above manner will be refused service and asked to leave the premises.

32. Members must not use abusive or foul language.


33. Any persons found damaging A(SL)S, WRS or leaseholder clubs property will be suspended, followed by DC action.

Issued by: The Board of Directors, Ashford (Short Lane) Sports Ltd.

Issued date: April 2011

Ashford (Short Lane) Sports Ltd

Registered Office

The Clubhouse, Ashford Sports Club, Short Lane, Stanwell, STAINES, Middx. TW19 7BQ Tel. 01784 252288

Member Code of Conduct: Welcome
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